JBL Stadium 5

5-channel car amplifier — 75 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms + 350 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms

JBL has been a leader in the car audio industry since the early 70s. They have teamed up with great in the car audio industry in the competition arena like Gary Biggs , Alma Gates and many others setting world records in SPL and bringing home the trophies in Sound Quality . They are a name you know and trust . So why take a chance on some  company that seemed to pop up overnight with no real specs or proven track record in the audio industry . We assume you bought your Toyota due to the track record Toyota has built for themselves by building  quality vehicles . So make the same choice when upgrading your audio.
specs of amplifier 
Option 1 amp rack and 4 gauge wire kit 
if you would like one of our amp racks which will mount the amp under the passenger seat  please choose this option in drop down box please put carpet color .  This also includes a 4 gauge Scosche OFC wire kit . 
Option 2  dsr1 and programing 
IF you have the factory JBL head unit in your truck and want to keep it you will need a dsr1 processor . If you have the non JBL head unit in a 14 to 19 Tundra you can also use the dsr1 also but it is not a must have with non jbl system . please put truck year and jbl or non jbl in drop down box if choosing this option 
Option 3  2014 to 2020 NON JBL harness with 4 channel loc 
This is a harness that plugs in at the factory amp location on non jbl 14 to 20 trucks and gives you your door speaker wires and amp turn on / we also prewire a 4 channel loc so you will have your signal there also. 2 1.5 rcas are included as well. 
Option 4 Hertz k170 with brackets for front and rear doors 
If you want to replace your door speakers the Hertz K 170 are the perfect option. They are crystal clear at all levels and sound amazing on any music you throw t them. The staduim 5 channel powers them perfectly also. brackets and speaker harnesses are included as well as all screws for mounting .
Option 5 club 12 inch subwoofer and custom sub box for 07 to 2020 DC or CM  Please add year and dc or cm in drop down box 
Option 6 SAIL PANELS for mounting tweeters in the front doors 
Option 7 2 Club 10 inch subwoofers and custom enclosure 
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