04-2015 Nissan Titan SQ+ King Cab Enclosure

This is a custom-built sub enclosure for a 2004-2015 Nissan Titan King Cab (KC) pickup. This is NOT a prefab enclosure. This price provides the enclosure but does NOT include there subs.

Starting with the highest grade MDF, the box is designed and sized to accommodate your subwoofers.  The inside is then sealed and coated with fiberglass resin for additional strength.  The exterior will be wrapped with carpet (NOT trunk liner) to match your vehicle's factory carpet as closely as possible.  Please select the carpet color when ordering. The front of the box, visible if looking under the seat, will have a TITAN or Titan burger logo (or any 9-letter logo or symbol of your choice) inlaid under the carpet.

This enclosure will not take up passenger foot space and will clear the driveshaft tunnel.  Built to accommodate (2) 10-inch or (2) 12-inch subwoofers of your choice, each in its own chamber, the box has 6-inches of mounting depth.  This space saving enclosure will not disappoint you in any respect and that's guaranteed.

A build sheet for vehicle specifics and subs you plan to use will be sent upon receipt of payment.

If you would like a loaded enclosure, please see the Nissan Titan Subwoofer Enclosure Audio Packages.

04-2015 Nissan Titan SQ+ King Cab Enclosure
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